General trading conditions

General information
All our sales are subject exclusively to the general trading conditions (AGB) of gallery Schmolka. Deviating trading conditions of the customers do not apply. Individual agreements require writing to their effectiveness. One of the clauses of these AGB's should be ineffective or become, thus the effectiveness of the remaining clauses is not affected thereby.

Offer/ Conclusion of a contract

The contract comes off only with our acceptance us of the offer made by the customer. The acceptance always takes place in writing (via E-Mail or letter).


The supply takes place after our choice via carrier, Carrier or post office. The dispatch takes place only by cash on delivery. The data needed for the supply are to be inferred from the current in each case on-line purchase order form.

Passage of the risk
With the delivery to the carrier selected by us, Carrier, Post office etc.. the danger turns into on the buyer. Our adhesion is limited to a careful selection of the mail-order house.

All prices understand themselves as end prices in euro from stock and without frameworks. For the packing a Umkostenpauschal of 5 becomes,- euro counted. Costs of postage, Freight etc. (carrier, Carrier, Post office) are passed on to the buyer and are by the buyer with the transmission acceptance to be refunded.

Guarantee/ Notice of defects

Any lack are immediate, to indicate at the latest however within 8 days after receipt of the supply.

Retention of title
The supplied goods remain being allowed up to their complete payment in the property by gallery Schmolka and up to then not be pawned or not lent. For the case of the far sale of the reservation commodity our buyer retires to us already now to the safety device of our requirements it with that or the third from the far sale demands for developing.

Place of delivery/ Area of jurisdiction
As place of delivery for the supply and payment Cologne is considered. Reciprocal court conditions for all disputes, so far legally permissible, is Cologne. It applies the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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